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Wills, Trusts, Probate And Other Future Planning Strategies

For many people, preparing for the future means contributing to a 401(k), adding to savings and building equity in the family home. As effective and important as these future planning strategies are, there’s still more work to be done.

At Gentry Arnold PLLC, we help individuals and families in Memphis and throughout western Tennessee prepare wills, trusts and other estate planning instruments. More than just a document specifying afterlife arrangements, a will or estate plan can provide peace of mind, knowing that your family and your legacy are protected.

Can I Write A Will On My Own?

With the help of the internet, many people choose to draft their own simple wills. Although using a simple will template from a website may save you time and money, you have to ask yourself, “Am I confident that all my assets and final wishes are accounted for?” The truth is that many people fail to leave clear instructions or account for important assets when drafting a will on their own. By hiring an attorney to help you draft your will, you will have an experienced guide outlining what should be included and ensure that there is no confusion in the language.

In addition to helping people draft wills, we assist with the formation of various types of trusts. When you work with our lawyers, we will outline the types of trusts and the protections provided, and we will help you determine the best strategy for protecting yourself and your family.

Helping Families Through The Probate Process

At Gentry Arnold PLLC, we are problem solvers. When it comes to resolving probate matters, we look to help our clients move through the process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In some cases, disputes between heirs, beneficiaries and executors may cause the probate process to stall. By helping our clients set emotions aside, we can help them assert their claims, draw attention to oversights or mismanagement on the part of the executor and ultimately resolve the dispute.

The Right Time To Begin Planning Is Now

Do you have children? Do you own a business? Did you just get married or divorced? These and numerous other important life events precipitate the need for a will or estate plan. To learn more about wills and trusts, contact us and schedule a consultation at our Memphis law office by calling 901-591-8800 or send an email by completing our online contact form.