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Debt makes us do things we normally would not

A former officer with the Central Intelligence Agency was recently sentenced to prison for spying for China. He claims it all started because he was in serious debt. This debt, which seemed impossible to get out of, made him do things that he would never have done had he been financially secure. While this may seem like an extreme case to many Tennessee residents, those who are currently in a bad way economically may understand -- to some degree -- his need to do anything to improve his financial situation.

Did you know there is a debt awareness holiday?

Just about everyone in Tennessee loves and is excited for a good holiday. If anyone takes the time to look, they will find that there is a national holiday for something just about every day of the year. There is even a debt awareness holiday called National Credit Card Reduction Day.

Struggling financially? Bankruptcy may help your situation

As much as you probably hate to admit it, you are in a bad way financially. You have tried your hardest to correct the situation on your own, but things just do not seem to be improving. What can you do? The truth is, you are not alone. Numerous Tennessee residents are in your same position and bankruptcy is what may help your and their situations.

Why health problems often lead to the need to file bankruptcy

Most people are aware that there is a medical debt crisis in this country. Millions of Americans have found themselves unable to provide for themselves and their families due to experiencing health problems that make it difficult, if not impossible to work. This leads to a lack of income, often a lack of insurance, and an inability to pay their medical and other bills. Hundreds of thousands of families across the country, including many here in Tennessee, file for bankruptcy every year due to unexpected health problems.

Tennessee bankruptcy: Memphis residents drowning in student debt

Millions of Americans have taken out student loans in order to pay for their higher education. While improving and advancing one's education is a noble cause, most people who take out loans to do so end up struggling to pay them off. According to a recent report, Memphis residents have a harder time paying down their student loans than people living in other cities. A bankruptcy law attorney may be able to help those struggling with these issues find debt solutions that fit their circumstances.

Will my bankruptcy repayment plan be affordable?

Tennessee residents who are looking at debt relief options want to make sure that any route they choose will actually be of benefit to them. Take Chapter 13 bankruptcy for example. With this type of bankruptcy, one will need to make payments to creditors over a certain time period before any remaining qualifying debts will be discharged. The repayment schedule is concerning to some people as they unsure if it is something that they will really be able to afford.

Tennessee bankruptcy: Fighting creditor harassment

People who are in debt already feel a massive weight on their shoulders. No one wants to carry debt and no one wants to struggle financially, but due to life challenges it just happens. When it does, creditor harassment can make the whole situation worse. Through bankruptcy or other legal means, Tennessee residents can fight creditor harassment.

Bankruptcy for out-of-control credit card debt

Numerous Tennessee residents use credit cards daily to cover their expenses. While there is nothing wrong with this, many of these individuals fail to pay their credit card bills off at the end of every month. This means that they are accruing significant interest by carrying balances on their cards. When let go for too long, this can bury them in serious debt. When credit card debt gets out of control, bankruptcy may offer debt relief.

Thinking about bankruptcy? Take the means test

When debt becomes too much for a person or family to handle, looking for relief from one's financial obligations is a normal thing to do. There are a lot of options out there, but which is the best? The answer to that question will be different for everyone. For Tennessee residents who think bankruptcy is the right way to go, taking a means test can help them figure out for which type of bankruptcy they may qualify.

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