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Will my bankruptcy repayment plan be affordable?

Tennessee residents who are looking at debt relief options want to make sure that any route they choose will actually be of benefit to them. Take Chapter 13 bankruptcy for example. With this type of bankruptcy, one will need to make payments to creditors over a certain time period before any remaining qualifying debts will be discharged. The repayment schedule is concerning to some people as they unsure if it is something that they will really be able to afford.

Which is better: Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Many Americans find themselves in debt for a variety of reasons. Some people find it tempting to charge things they may not otherwise be able to purchase, as credit cards can provide the illusion of affordability. But for others, more serious events can creep in and destroy a financial situation. A job loss can pose tremendous financial stress on a family. And unforeseen medical expenses may be greater than someone’s income can handle.

Semi drivers using cellphones can cause motor vehicle accidents

It is pretty easy to tell when a driver is on his or her cellphone. An individual looking at a phone instead of the road can be seen drifting out of their lane of traffic, ignoring traffic signs and signals and, sadly, causing motor vehicle accidents. When it comes to semi drivers, you may expect these professionals to be immune to the distractions that affect other drivers in Tennessee or elsewhere. Sadly, they are not and when they become distracted and cause accidents, the results can be devastating for victims or their loved ones.

Tennessee bankruptcy: Fighting creditor harassment

People who are in debt already feel a massive weight on their shoulders. No one wants to carry debt and no one wants to struggle financially, but due to life challenges it just happens. When it does, creditor harassment can make the whole situation worse. Through bankruptcy or other legal means, Tennessee residents can fight creditor harassment.

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