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Tennessee motor vehicle accidents: 1 injured in recent crash

Police in Tennessee are in the process of investigating a multi-vehicle crash that injured one. This incident occurred Oct. 18, in the Memphis area. Following motor vehicle accidents, such as this one, victims may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses through legal means.

Is Chapter 7 bankruptcy a good fit for me?

Every year, numerous Tennessee residents find themselves struggling financially, and every year many of these individuals find themselves looking into what debt relief options they may have. For some, bankruptcy may be what they need to regain control of their economic situations, but what form of bankruptcy? This week, this column will address Chapter 7 and its pros and cons.

Musculoskeletal pain common after motor vehicle accidents

An auto collision can leave a person injured in a number of ways. When it comes to physical injuries, those that cause musculoskeletal pain are most commonly experienced in motor vehicle accidents. What kinds of injuries cause this pain? Can Tennessee residents who endure such pain following a car crash seek compensation for their losses?

Bankruptcy may be the answer for financially struggling seniors

Retirement years are supposed to be filled with family time and relaxing. They are supposed to be the years people enjoy after putting their time in the workforce. Unfortunately, many seniors in Tennessee and across the country are not spending their golden years the way they had hoped. Instead, many are returning to work so that they can pay off debt. For some financially struggling seniors, bankruptcy may provide the relief they need.

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