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Follow all bicycle laws, receive maximum personal injury benefits

The beautiful fall weather in Tennessee persuades many individuals to ride their bikes. Riding to and from work or school allows for great exercise and a chance to enjoy the sunshine. Unfortunately, thousands of bicyclists face injuries due to vehicle collisions every year, so it is essential to follow all bicycle laws.

Suffer personal injury or lose a loved one in a truck accident?

It is not uncommon to see semitrailers on Tennessee roads. In some places, they seem to be taking over the streets. With more of the vehicles on our roadways, it is no wonder that accidents involving them seem to happen more often. If you have suffered personal injury or lost a loved one in a truck accident, you may have legal recourse.

Many seniors turning to bankruptcy to alleviate debt problems

The "golden years" may not seem so golden to many Tennessee seniors and others around the nation. When there are constant worries about how to make ends meet, it is difficult to fully enjoy one's retirement. Many have worked tirelessly their entire lives yet find themselves struggling financially. This can particularly be the case if unforeseen medical expenses occur. Reports show that the number of older consumers filing for bankruptcy has increased dramatically over the past two decades.

Tennessee bankruptcy: Creditors may file claims against you

When creditors fail to get paid, they may choose to take the matter to court in order to seek payment. If they are successful, a judge may order wage garnishment or a levy, which gives your creditor the right to take your money and/or your property. In Tennessee, you may be able to stop your creditor by filing for bankruptcy and/or property exemption.

3 kids, 2 adults suffer personal injury in bus crash

Like most school mornings, a good number of parents in Memphis load their children on school buses and ship them off to school for the day. No one expects their kids to end up in the hospital instead of making it to class. Unfortunately, several parents recently received phone calls that their children were involved in a bus accident and had to be transported to a local hospital for care. It is said that three kids and two adults suffered personal injury in this particular accident.

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