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Sharing the road with motorcycles

Driving near a motorcycle is not like driving with other cars. Motorcycles are often smaller and harder to see. They also do not have the protections larger automobiles have. Drivers sharing the road with motorcycles need to be extra careful to ensure everyone’s safety.

Memphis motor vehicle accidents: TU student loses leg in crash

A Tuskegee University student has had his whole world turned upside down thanks to an accident that claimed his leg. This incident occurred mid-July in Memphis. Motor vehicle accidents like this leave their victims struggling in more ways than one. This young man may be entitled to seek compensation for his losses through legal means.

You may be able to erase medical debt with bankruptcy

You've had your share of medical problems all your life, but they were nothing you couldn't afford to pay for before. Now, however, you or one of your family members have been dealing with a medical issue that is bigger and worse than anything else you've ever encountered. This time, the cost of treatment and care is far more than you can afford to pay. With the medical debt mounting, you feel you will never recover. Thankfully you and other Tennessee residents in your same situation may be able to utilize bankruptcy to achieve relief.

Tennessee motor vehicle accidents: Stress-induced analgesia

Ever read stories about people getting hurt in accidents, yet pushing their bodies to do amazing things? There is a reason that they can do this -- stress-induced analgesia. What is this and why is a good and bad thing for Tennessee residents who are involved in motor vehicle accidents to experience?

Want to know if Chapter 7 bankruptcy is an option?

Every year, numerous Tennessee residents find themselves facing financial hardships from which they feel they cannot recover. This leaves them looking for relief. While this may not be something individuals in this position may want to hear, sometimes relief may only come by pursuing bankruptcy.

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