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The role of inattentional blindness in motor vehicle accidents

Car, truck, motorcycle and pedestrian accidents all happen for a number of reasons. One reason that some Tennessee residents may not be familiar with is inattentional blindness. What it is? What causes it? Can victims of inattentional blindness-related motor vehicle accidents seek compensation for their losses?

Inattentional blindness is something researchers have studied for some time. In 2018, a study on this topic, particularly how it contributes to car accidents, was released by a team from a leading university abroad. The study involved asking 56 adults to identify driving dangers by looking at a series of pictures. In one picture, researchers introduced an unexpected object in clear view in order to see if it would be noticed, such as a motorcycle. According to study results, 48 percent of participants missed that object completely -- why does that matter?

Why health problems often lead to the need to file bankruptcy

Most people are aware that there is a medical debt crisis in this country. Millions of Americans have found themselves unable to provide for themselves and their families due to experiencing health problems that make it difficult, if not impossible to work. This leads to a lack of income, often a lack of insurance, and an inability to pay their medical and other bills. Hundreds of thousands of families across the country, including many here in Tennessee, file for bankruptcy every year due to unexpected health problems.

According to the American Journal of Public Health, it is estimated that two-thirds of all bankruptcies are related to medical issues. Most people lack just a few hundred dollars in savings to cover a minor medical expense. That leaves them unprepared for a major health crisis or any big medical events that may occur in their retirement years.

Truck weigh stations help prevent motor vehicle accidents

Truck weigh stations are commonly seen on the sides of Tennessee highways. Most people just drive on by, not giving these stops a second thought. The truth is, truck weigh stations serve a valuable purpose. The work done at these stops help keep dangerous trucks off the road, which helps to prevent motor vehicle accidents.

According to a recent report, roughly 4,000 trucks pass through the westbound truck stop in Haywood every day. Every truck that stops is weighed and some are inspected by the Tennessee Highway Patrol. According to a sergeant who works at this stop, they frequently find trucks that have broken frames, broken springs, flat tires and deflated air suspensions -- among other issues. When these types of vehicles are in poor condition, that presents a significant safety risk to the general public. When a truck is deemed unsafe, the driver is not allowed to move the vehicle from the weigh station until the problem is fixed.

Over relying on car technology proving to be dangerous

One of the most exciting aspects about purchasing a new car is learning all about its new enhancements and technologies that your old car most likely never had. You may have even upgraded to a car that was beyond what you were first shopping for because of these new systems.

With so much technology, it is hard to miss there are now cars that do not even need a driver. Self-driving cars not only need to know how to drive down the road, but also need to notice other vehicles and the probabilities of a collision. The problem is, this same type of technology in your car can lull you into a state of over protection and may put you and other drivers at risk.

Tennessee bankruptcy: Memphis residents drowning in student debt

Millions of Americans have taken out student loans in order to pay for their higher education. While improving and advancing one's education is a noble cause, most people who take out loans to do so end up struggling to pay them off. According to a recent report, Memphis residents have a harder time paying down their student loans than people living in other cities. A bankruptcy law attorney may be able to help those struggling with these issues find debt solutions that fit their circumstances.

Outstanding student debt in the United States reached an all-time high of over $1.5 trillion in 2018. It has doubled in the past 10 years. Education debt has made it hard for numerous individuals to live the lives they want and to provide the basics, such as homes, for their families.

Tennessee motor vehicle accidents: Several injured in crash

A multi-vehicle car crash in a Memphis neighborhood left several people injured. This event occurred in the early evening of Jan. 21. Motor vehicle accidents involving numerous cars can do a lot of damage -- not only to physical property but to the victims physically, and to them and their families emotionally and financially.

According to a recent news report, at approximately 4:30 p.m., a car struck a pole near the intersection of North Watkins and Witney Avenue. Police have not gone into any details, but three other vehicles were also involved. A total of five ambulances were called to the scene. The injured individuals were taken to various area hospitals including Le Bonnier Children's Hospital and Methodist North. The current conditions of all those involved in this incident have not been reported.

Will my bankruptcy repayment plan be affordable?

Tennessee residents who are looking at debt relief options want to make sure that any route they choose will actually be of benefit to them. Take Chapter 13 bankruptcy for example. With this type of bankruptcy, one will need to make payments to creditors over a certain time period before any remaining qualifying debts will be discharged. The repayment schedule is concerning to some people as they unsure if it is something that they will really be able to afford.

A lot goes into calculating how much one will have to pay monthly during a Chapter 13 bankruptcy period. It is not as simple as adding all of one's debt together and dividing it out by the number of months in the relief period -- which is either 36 or 60 months. Other factors need to be considered, such as:

  • One's income level
  • One's monthly expenses
  • Debt amounts
  • Property value
  • Type of debt

Which is better: Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Many Americans find themselves in debt for a variety of reasons. Some people find it tempting to charge things they may not otherwise be able to purchase, as credit cards can provide the illusion of affordability. But for others, more serious events can creep in and destroy a financial situation. A job loss can pose tremendous financial stress on a family. And unforeseen medical expenses may be greater than someone’s income can handle.

Depending on the unique circumstances surrounding your debt, filing for bankruptcy may be the answer to getting back on track financially. If you decide to take that route, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 might be an option for you. A general understanding of the differences between the two may help you decide which would best meet your needs.

Semi drivers using cellphones can cause motor vehicle accidents

It is pretty easy to tell when a driver is on his or her cellphone. An individual looking at a phone instead of the road can be seen drifting out of their lane of traffic, ignoring traffic signs and signals and, sadly, causing motor vehicle accidents. When it comes to semi drivers, you may expect these professionals to be immune to the distractions that affect other drivers in Tennessee or elsewhere. Sadly, they are not and when they become distracted and cause accidents, the results can be devastating for victims or their loved ones.

Research shows that looking down at a phone can take a person's eyes off of the road for an average of 3 to 5 seconds. During that time, it is possible to travel the distance of a football field -- shorter or longer depending on one's speed. A lot can happen in that short amount of time and if a person is not paying attention, he or she will not have time to react.

Tennessee bankruptcy: Fighting creditor harassment

People who are in debt already feel a massive weight on their shoulders. No one wants to carry debt and no one wants to struggle financially, but due to life challenges it just happens. When it does, creditor harassment can make the whole situation worse. Through bankruptcy or other legal means, Tennessee residents can fight creditor harassment.

It was recently reported that a man in another state is taking legal action against one of his creditors. He claims that despite asking the debt collection agency to stop calling him, the firm continued to contact him repeatedly in an effort to collect a Verizon wireless debt -- a debt which he disputed. In his complaint, this individual stated that the calls are disruptive and have reached the level of harassment. He is seeking unspecified damages.

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