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Who is most at risk for drowsy driving?

According to the National Safety Council, sleep deprivation can cause many of the same impairments that alcohol consumption can cause. Both sleep deprivation and alcohol consumption can worsen someone’s reaction times, awareness of hazards and ability to sustain attention, which can make drowsy driving as dangerous as drunk driving.

Some people might assume that long-haul truck drivers are most at risk for drowsy driving. This may be logical because truckers may be inclined to work long hours without sleep and may try to drive through the night. However, truckers are not the only people who may be tempted to drive when drowsy.

You can rebuild your credit after bankruptcy

Many people are reluctant to seek bankruptcy protection because they are concerned about the impact it will have on their credit record. Unfortunately, there’s no way around this consequence. A bankruptcy filing will hurt your credit score. But if you’re already struggling with debt and are behind on your bills, you’re already experiencing a negative effect on your credit.

A bankruptcy filing enables you to get relief from your overwhelming debt. Once you’ve addressed your current financial problems, you can start to rebuild your credit. The road to a better credit score may not be as difficult as you think.

3 Common driving mistakes that can lead to an accident

Driving is a great privilege, but it can also be a responsibility. Any driver is prone to making a mistake or two behind the wheel. But sometimes, those mistakes can have devastating results.

It isn’t only distracted driving that accounts for serious accidents. Even the slightest slip-up or moment of forgetfulness can lead to a crash. Below are just three common driving mistakes that may seem minor but can have major consequences.

Will the hands-free law change Tennessean driving habits?

On June 1, Tennessee became the nineteenth state to enact a hands-free driving law—and for good reason. A recent study revealed that Tennessee is the deadliest state in the nation for distracted driving, with five times the national average rate of fatalities.

What the law prohibits

Bankruptcy is a time for self-reflection

Filing for bankruptcy is a big step to take. If you’re feeling apprehensive about taking the plunge, a little self-reflection may be useful.

By taking a step back and thinking about what brought you to this financial state as well as the actions you’ll take next, it will be easier to feel confident about this big financial decision.

Is driving with a hangover negligent?

We all know that alcohol impairs a person's judgement, making it dangerous to drive while under the influence. However, those who have drank too much to drive in the past know that the morning after isn't always much clearer.

Is that monster hangover during the morning after similarly hazardous to a driver's ability to navigate the roads safely?


When finances are tight, it is not unusual for Tennessee homeowners to miss a mortgage payment in order to pay their other bills. When this happens even once, some experience a snowball effect of trouble when the overdue payments become too much to catch up. Before long, the homeowner is receiving notices that the lender is beginning the foreclosure process. As soon as possible, the homeowner is wise to gather information about the options for foreclosure defense.

Even minor motor vehicle accidents can cause injury

You were out doing your normal thing. Maybe you were driving to work, school, taxiing children around or just running errands when it happened -- someone hit your car. At first, you were stunned, but the overall damage seemed minor, so insurance information was exchanged and you went on your way. A few hours, days or even weeks later, you started experiencing pain or other symptoms that something may be wrong, but how can that be when the crash seemed so insignificant? The truth is that plenty of Tennessee residents have experience injuries in relatively minor motor vehicle accidents.

Pain is one way the body tells you that something is not right. If that pain comes on the heels of a car accident, popping pain medication and hoping it will go away may not be the wisest decision -- though that is what many Tennessee residents may opt to do. The best decision would be to get to a doctor as soon as possible. The pain may not come from anything serious, but then again, it may. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Why people who go bankrupt aren't always bad with budgets

The common stigma around bankruptcy is that filing for it means you have poor money management skills. This misconception is dangerous because it can make people considering bankruptcy fear embarrassment or shame.

The truth is that those who file for bankruptcy could easily be a circumstantial victim of any one of these common money issues.

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