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Tennessee motor vehicle accidents: Hit by distracted driver?

Distracted drivers are spotted on Tennessee roads every single day. The state recognizes that numerous individuals are injured in distracted driver-related motor vehicle accidents every year and sees this as a significant issue. If you were hit and injured by a distracted driver, according to the state, you may be entitled to seek compensation for your losses.

In this day and age, electronic devices are big distraction offenders. People are on their cellphones texting, talking, emailing, playing games -- you name it. Such behavior behind the wheel has led to thousands of deaths and injuries over the years. It is not just cellphones that people have to worry about. Newer cars are fitted with some incredible electronic features that are also very distracting.

Bankruptcy for out-of-control credit card debt

Numerous Tennessee residents use credit cards daily to cover their expenses. While there is nothing wrong with this, many of these individuals fail to pay their credit card bills off at the end of every month. This means that they are accruing significant interest by carrying balances on their cards. When let go for too long, this can bury them in serious debt. When credit card debt gets out of control, bankruptcy may offer debt relief.

Credit cards can be a great tool to have if used a certain way. However, according to a recent article, numerous consumers in America use their cards and only make the required minimum payments each month. Many of them do this without realizing that, by doing so, they are essentially paying double for their purchases thanks to the interest added over time.

What properties are exempt during bankruptcy?

When you declare bankruptcy, Tennessee law allows you to keep a roof over your head in what it calls a homestead exemption. This comes into play when you file for bankruptcy protection and a liquidation of all your assets can include property.

If you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection, a trustee will sell your property to pay your bills. Your primary home, however, won’t be included. If you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection, your debts are consolidated and you pay them off in monthly installments.

Tennessee motor vehicle accidents: 1 injured in multi-car crash

In mid-November, a multi-car crash occurred in the Memphis area. One man was critically injured in the wreck. Following motor vehicle accidents, the state of Tennessee allows victims to seek compensation for their losses, under the right circumstances. This means that this man and his loved ones may pursue civil claims against the party or parties thought responsible for the collision.

Little is actually known about this particular incident. According to report, the collision occurred Nov. 14, at approximately 7 p.m. Three vehicles apparently collided at Airways Boulevard and Interstate 240. Only one victim was transported from the scene for medical treatment. This individual was initially reported to be in critical condition. It is unknown what his condition is currently.

Thinking about bankruptcy? Take the means test

When debt becomes too much for a person or family to handle, looking for relief from one's financial obligations is a normal thing to do. There are a lot of options out there, but which is the best? The answer to that question will be different for everyone. For Tennessee residents who think bankruptcy is the right way to go, taking a means test can help them figure out for which type of bankruptcy they may qualify.

How does the means test work? With this test, there are no right or wrong answers. There is nothing to stress over. It simply involves inputting and comparing a few numbers.

Tennessee motor vehicle accidents: Settling a truck accident case

Truck accidents occur all too frequently on Tennessee roadways. When they do, victims or -- in the event of fatality -- their surviving family members may have questions about how they can go about seeking compensation for their losses. The truth is, victims of motor vehicle accidents or their families often achieve relief through settlement agreements. Litigation is not always required.

Why would a trucking company or insurance provider settle? They know that litigation does not bode well for business. It is to their advantage to settle. The terms can be kept private and settling often costs less than going to trial.

Tennessee bankruptcy: What is overbiffing?

No one likes to deal with debt collectors. Their goal is to collect money. They do not care about the people they are collecting from, do not care if they are seeking the proper amount and do not care if they are harassing the wrong people. Individuals in Tennessee who are dealing with debt collectors and unfair debt collection practices may turn to a bankruptcy law attorney for assistance in seeking relief.

Unfair debt collection practices are not new. Debt collectors are always looking for new ways to get money supposedly owed to them. According to a recent news report, there is a new way in which debt collectors are trying to collect more from debtors. It is called overbiffing.

What do car accidents and bankruptcy have to do with each other?

Every year, numerous Tennessee residents are involved in automobile accidents. Those who are at fault may find themselves facing court costs, fines and having to pay restitution to victims. If this happens to you, failure to pay could cost you your driver's license. Bankruptcy may be able to help you with your debt obligations and allow you to keep your license.

Bankruptcy is probably the last thing on your mind when dealing with everything that follows a car accident. The simple truth is, if found at fault, the amount of debt you might incur covering your expenses and the victim's expenses can be on the extreme side. While certain court orders cannot be discharged or touched in bankruptcy, court costs, fines and other debts may be.

Watch for delayed injury symptoms after an accident

Many car accident injuries tend to be obvious: broken bones, bruises, lacerations and more. While these injuries need immediate medical attention, they are not an exhaustive list of the potential physical damages a person may experience in a vehicle collision.

Some injuries have a hidden, delayed set of symptoms that may go untreated in the initial aftermath of an accident. Traumatic brain injuries can have devastating consequences but may not seem symptomatic until hours or days after an accident. For anyone involved in a collision, it’s important to watch for the signs of a TBI even after a medical workup in case the effects of the injury are slow to develop.

Tennessee motor vehicle accidents: 1 injured in recent crash

Police in Tennessee are in the process of investigating a multi-vehicle crash that injured one. This incident occurred Oct. 18, in the Memphis area. Following motor vehicle accidents, such as this one, victims may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses through legal means.

According to reports, at approximately 10:30 p.m., a semitrailer and several other vehicles collided on Interstate 55. How or why it happened is still unclear. Investigators are still in the process of trying to sort out the details. Authorities have not indicated if any of the drivers involved will face criminal charges.

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